Car Wash Services in Aspen, CO

Our steam machines are powered with a combination of Fuel and Electricity energies, so they don’t need to be connected to a power outlet to operate, all you need is a car battery to plug in and Fuel (diesel, propane gas or natural gas). This self-sufficient feature combined with a special portable design, allows our machines to be located in many different places, performing many different activities such as following:

Complete Engine Detail

Parking Lot Car Wash – Throughout many foreign countries, there is a strong tendency to operate car washes on the parking lots of supermarkets, malls, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc, because of the great convenience of having your car washed while you are doing something else. Besides, it requires a significant low investment to start your business and you don’t need to worry about getting special permits or having to rent a place.

Mobile Car Wash – Our steam machine are ideal for mobile car wash business, as they can perform a complete auto detail washing the outside, the inside and the engine of customers vehicles. Not to mention it can wash boats, airplanes, buses and motorcycles too. Thanks to the new Eco Steam Wash technology, the idea of having a efficient mobile car wash or a mobile auto detailer is now realistically possible.

Home Cleaning – The high temperature of steam kills 99,9 % of bacteria, fungus, mold, germs, etc. It naturally sanitizes your house without the need of dangerous chemicals. The powerful steam jet spray can get deeper in all small crevices and corners of your bathroom, kitchen, ventilation system, chimney, grills, floor, tiles, furniture, etc, etc, etc…

Industries – Eco Steam Wash is suitable for cleaning and sanitizing many different areas such as restaurant kitchens, bakeries, industrial plants or machinery, gyms, hospitals, schools, etc

Automobile Center – The steam machine is a great cleaning tool for automobile centers such as car dealers, Rent a Car companies, Car Wash, Bus Terminal, Taxi companies, etc, because it’s quick, efficient, eco-friendly and easy to carry around.