About Us

About Us

Eco Steam Wash is a state-of-the-art steam cleaning and detailing business founded in 2008. We use the revolutionary technology of high pressure steam washers to clean, detail, and sanitize cars, aircrafts, boats, homes, businesses, hospitals, kitchens and more. Headquartered in the heart of Aspen, Colorado, with locations around Colorado and Brazil, we are proud to be recognized as a green alternative car wash and a leader in high quality cleaning. We are committed to deliver the same quality and efficiency in our commercial and home cleaning as proven in our auto detailing business.

Our E-Commitment

At Eco Steam Wash our mission is to delight our customers with a superb cleaning service and a flawless experience, all at an affordable cost that doesn’t sacrifice our environment. Steam is a natural sterilizing agent and replaces the need for toxic chemicals that can end up in our soil. We use 90% less water than our competition and produce zero run-off, protecting the lakes and rivers we love.


Core Values

Innovation, Environmental Stewardship and Convenience go hand in hand to define the core values of Eco Steam Wash, a company devoted to promote sustainable cleaning solutions for a better life. We value the technological advances of our times and strive to integrate our services to the daily lives of our customers


At Eco Steam Wash, we use the most advanced, up-to-date technology and equipment in the industry. Our steamers and steam technicians are unmatched by competition. We are constantly striving towards innovative business practices and detailing techniques. Our phones go directly to an Eco Steam Wash team member, on duty 24/7 in order to receive any calls or text messages from our clients. Our website was built to allow clients to learn more about our services and easily book appointments or contact us online.

Environmental Stewardship

Our name alone constantly reminds us our green values and responsibility for the planet. We save thousands of gallons of water, pay carbon tax voluntarily, and use only water based cleaning products. We reuse things, reduce our waste and recycle our trash. We keep wastewater from running into our rivers, support local green initiatives and never use harsh chemicals.


Our locations are chosen by market experts in order to provide the most convenient experience possible for our customers. Our detailing shop locations allow our customers to have their cars washed or detailed as they enjoy time shopping, working or walking through the city. Our mobile units are small, self-contained vans with their own water and electricity, allowing us to bring premium services directly to our clients as well as provide event support. The flexibility of our Eco Steam Wash system gives us a tremendous advantage and we have been selected as the preferred auto detailer for brands like Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce USA, Maserati, Volvo and Tesla, in Colorado and nationwide.

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